Top Reasons to Use a Professional Travel Agent

Reason #84: Travel agents are creative itinerary designers

What travel dreams are on your bucket list?  An ASTA professional travel agent can take your inspirations and design an itinerary that gives you experiences and memories to last a lifetime.  Do you want to soar in a hot air balloon over the African safari?  Or snorkel among the sea life in the Great Barrier Reef?  How would you like to sit up close for a Formula One race in Monte Carlo?  If you can dream it, ASTA professional travel agents can deliver it – and so much more!

Reason #70: Travel agents are consumer advocates

Many travel agents are members of the American Society of Travel Agents, the trade organization that fights for consumer protections and your rights!  We lobby on behalf of the traveling public when Sacramento tries to impose additional taxes on flights, car rentals, and cruises.  In California, travel agents created and pay into a restitution fund to reimburse residents when they encounter certain travel problems.  Since this law was implemented, thousands of consumers have been protected—all a direct result of the proactive actions of California travel agents.  ASTA professional travel agents fight for a healthy and ethical industry where you can travel freely, day in and day out.

Reason #66: Travel agents have specialties that benefit you

There’s an endless variety of travel agents.  Some are generalists and have an overview of a large number of destinations, travel types, and special interests.  Other travel agents specialize in something in particular.  For example, some agents specialize in a destination—like Hawaii, Italy, or South America.  Other agents specialize in a type of travel—like cruises, all-inclusive resorts, or space travel.  And others specialize in a type of special interest travel—such as honeymoons, family reunions, golf and spa holidays, or travel for gays and lesbians.  ASTA professional travel agents are as individual as you are.

Reason #59: Travel agents can help guide you through the requirements of travel

Travel is meant to be enjoyed.  But sometimes the process can be overwhelming.  Do you need a passport?  Are visas required for any of your destinations?  What about travel vaccinations and health issues?  Do you know the most current regulations on airport arrival times, baggage restrictions, or security procedures?  There are so many things to think about.  An ASTA professional travel agent can help you navigate the requirements so you’re prepared to finally enjoy yourself!

Reason #41: Travel agents offer personalized service

Travel agents are not some impersonal voice or lifeless website.  We get to know you and your travel needs and offer unbiased information since we work for you.  Your ASTA professional travel agent can be there before, during, and after your trip to address any questions or concerns you may have.  We always do our best, because we want you to return the next time you’re looking to plan a trip.